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What To Do & Not During Bed Bug Infestation?

What To Do & Not During Bed Bug Infestation?

Bed bugs are no less than a nightmare. Having them around not only ruins the night sleep of a family, but also greatly disturbs the peace of mind of a family. These bugs are responsible for causing allergic bites that result in severe itching and rashes. Since these pests are rarely visible to a naked eye, getting rid of their infestation is not at all easy.

If you are trying some DIY measures to control bed bugs, then you are seriously making the situation worse than before. Its better advised to seek the assistance of professional bed bug exterminators to eliminate these pesky pests away from your property.

Few things to do and avoid while dealing with bed bugs are:

  • Do keep your home clean: If your property is cluttered and your belongings are scattered all around, you are actually allowing bed bugs to hide inside your premises. Untidy places are generally more liked by bed bugs as they can easily manage to hide. To prevent bugs from crawling over your clothes or other essentials, make sure you keep your interiors clean and clutter free.
  • Don’t sleep in other rooms to escape bed bugs: Bed bugs are good travelers that will follow you wherever you go. If one portion of your home is infested, don’t live with a misconception that other one will be free of their invasion. These blood suckers can spread themselves from one room to other corners of the house. No matter, where you are sleeping, these hungry bugs will find you out.
  • Do educate yourself about their habits: To defeat and kill bed bugs, its important that you should be aware of their habits and invasion. For this, research online to learn about integrated pest management that includes multiple steps for bed bug removal and prevention. Its ideal to contact a professional bed bug control company to get rid of bugs.
  • Don’t throw away your bed & mattress: Most people believe that bed bugs cannot be eliminated at all and an obvious way to remove them is to throw away the infected belongings. This is not at all an effective solution to remove bugs. There are several other methods that are helpful in eliminating these pests. Get all your belongings treated with the heat method to kill the bugs crawling over your bedding.

These are some do’s and don’t to follow while dealing with bed bugs. If you are looking for an expert pest control company to remove the bug population inside your premises, feel free to call in our bed bug exterminators at Bed Bug Services in Niagara.

What Causes Bed Bugs Infestation? Explained by experts.

What Causes Bed Bugs Infestation? Explained by experts.

Bed bugs are harmful pests that invade a home to feed on the blood of family members living over there. They are blood suckers that can deteriorate the peace of mind and sleep of a homeowner. Once considered a pest of past, these pesky creatures are on a constant increase. They infest homes, hotels, parks, and dormitories worldwide. Due to their widespread, homeowners are really worried about them and are curious to know what causes their invasion.

Some of the reasons behind bed bug infestation are:

  1. They are excellent hitchhikers: These pests are hitchhikers that love riding on the clothes and belongings of humans. Most possibly, they have reached your home because of the visit of an infected person that may be carrying this pesky insect on his clothing. Since these bugs don’t stay attached on their host body, they’ll shed off anywhere after they are relieved their hunger. These blood suckers can even infest theaters and other public places like hospitals and railway terminals.
  2. They go where there are humans: Since bed bugs are travelers, their infestation is more common at places with high human population turnovers. This means they are commonly found in apartments, buildings, shelters, hotels and military barracks. If you are visiting any of these places or if anyone from these places is visiting your home, the risk of getting bed bugs increases. This is the reason why urban areas face more infestations compared to rural ones.
  3. They hide in clutter: Almost all pest species are attracted towards clutter, and bed bugs are not different. Once these insects arrives at your home, they’ll soon dissipate towards a new hiding place like behind the baseboards, in the cupboards, inside the switch plates, or on the furniture.
  4. They can infest every place: In contrast to a popular belief that stated that bed bugs only infect the dirty homes and properties, truth is that can go anywhere. It doesn’t matter, your home is clean or dirty, you can face a bug outbreak. Since they feed only on human blood, it doesn’t matter you reside at a tidy or untidy place. As long as humans are available to them, they’ll be happy staying at your place.

These are some of the reasons that lead to bed bug infestation inside a property. If you are facing a bed bug outbreak at your home in Hamilton, feel free to call our pest control professionals.