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Most Effective Bed Bug Treatment – Heat Treatment VS Spraying

Most Effective Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs are such resilient, pervasive pests that require professional treatment for eliminating the infestation. Imagine, getting into a house infested with bedbugs that won’t let you sleep peacefully. It becomes imminent to take some immediate action to fix the issue. The good thing is – that there are various treatments and methods that you can perform to get rid of them permanently. You can either go for DIY treatment or seek professional help to eliminate the bedbugs. The two main methods are heat treatment and conventional spray. Heat treatment is one of the most effective ways to kill bugs and pests. Spraying on the other hand is a more convenient way to get rid of bed bugs. Let’s find out more about both these treatments in great detail!

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

What is Bed Bug Heat Treatment?

Bed bug heat treatment is the process of eliminating bed bugs by using heat. It involves raising the temperature in your home to kill the bed bugs. The pest control professional will place heaters throughout your home and increase the temperature to over 45°C or 113°F. Every inch of your home must reach this temperature, such as furniture, walls, and clothing. The temperature must be maintained for a minimum of five hours to remove them permanently.


What is Bed Bug Spraying?

Under this method, the chemical spray is sprayed in and around the infested area. Spraying is a conventional way to get rid of bed bugs. It is also effective particularly when the infestation is limited to a few places. This treatment includes spraying upon bed frames, furniture, gaps in baseboards, and vacuuming bed bug eggs.




What are the pros and cons of heat treatment and spraying?

Both the treatments are safe and effective. Their effectiveness largely depends on things like how severe bed bug infestation is. For large infestations, heat treatments are best whereas, for low-level infestations, spraying can be the right choice. Homeowners usually prefer the traditional spray method as it is cost-effective but it may not always be the right option particularly when you are dealing with a more severe problem.

What are the Pros of Heat Treatment?

  • Heat Treatment eliminates bed bug infestation from all corners of the house completely.
  • Heat Treatment is safe and effective.
  • It is a proven method to eliminate bed bug infestation.
  • The heat kills bed bugs in all life stage
  • No chemicals are used in this treatment, so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals or their side effects.

What are the Pros of Spraying?

  • It’s best for the initial stages of infestations and in limited areas of the house.
  • Spraying is highly cost-effective.
    It is quick and easy.
  • Spraying is also a proven method to eliminate bed bugs and pests in your house.
  • You can either hire a professional or do it on your own.

Cons of Heat Treatment:

  • Heat treatments cost slightly more than traditional methods.
  • It takes a little longer time than spraying. You have to stay away from the room or the area for some time.
  • Heat treatment is not preferred if bed bugs infestation is limited to smaller areas such as your bed or corners.

Cons of Spraying:

  • Although the process is safe, the chemicals used may be harmful sometimes.
  • Over time, bed bugs develop resistance against sprays so they re-emerge after some time.
  • Spraying has good results only for smaller infestations. For full-blown bed bugs, heat treatment can be a good choice.

Which is the most effective treatment?

Heat Treatment is the best way to get rid of bed bugs. With total thermal eradication, all sorts of pests and bed bugs are eradicated. Bed bugs are killed within a few seconds once the temperature is around 45°C+. The heat produced does not leave any passage for the bugs to escape to other parts of the room or hide. This type of treatment can infiltrate deep areas such as furnishings, doors, beds, stored items, carpets, baseboards, frames, and others. Spraying is also a good option but it is limited to smaller infestations. On the other hand, heat treatment treats the bed bug infestations completely.

Treating bed bugs requires careful work, expertise, and professional skills. At Bed Bug Killers, we have an in-depth understanding of bed bugs elimination with more than 20+ years of pest industry experience. Our bed bug exterminators are reliable and offer highly effective treatments to give you a bedbug-free place. We have customized solutions to resolve your pest issues in the best way possible without disturbing your daily routine. Our experts are available 24/7 – midday or midnight. Contact us today to learn more about our services and schedule an inspection for your home or business.

5 Tips To Follow After Bed Bugs Extermination 

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are among the pests that are not that easy to eliminate using DIY techniques. They can hide anywhere in your home, including the cracks and gaps in the walls. Moreover, the most effective method to remove them is thermal heat treatment that should be followed by the professionals. When it comes to calling professionals for bed bugs removal, you must follow the useful tips as mentioned below:

  • First of all, stay out for 3-4 hours after applying the pest control products.
  • Wash your clothes, carpet, lining, curtains and upholstery using hot water.
  • Keep your clothes in the sun as this is a natural heat treatment to remove or control bed bugs.
  • Vacuum each corner of your premises at least twice a weak.
  • Stay in touch with professional pest removal experts for inspection and treatment of bed bugs at your home.

You need not worry about bed bugs removal and control as the professionals at Bed Bug Services in Hamilton can help to make your home pest free for as long as possible. We use eco-friendly products and methods that are safe for you, your family and your pets. Call us to get same-day emergency services.

5 Natural Ways To Remove Bed Bugs Completely

Bed Bugs

Getting rid of bed bugs can take more than two weeks if you perform this on your own. However, it also depends on the nature and extent of the infestation. If you notice an unpleasant odor in your room and dark, rusty stains on the bedsheets are a sign of larger infestation. The musty odor will become stronger day by day if you don’t take action immediately.

So, here are described some useful home remedies that can help you to remove bed bugs effectively.

  1. Steam Cleaner: Use the steam cleaner, keeping the temperature at least 130 degrees F but should not a forceful airflow as it will cause the pests to scatter. You can use the diffuser to prevent scattering.
  2. Boiled Water: Use of boiled water to wash your clothes, linings, carpets or in the cleaning process can turn out to be beneficial in killing pests.
  3. Heat Treatment: You can use the heating equipment to remove the bed bugs from your property. If you suspect bed bugs in your car then park your closed car in the sun to remove bugs, is a natural heat treatment.
  4. Vacuum Cleaner: The vacuum cleaner can be used to remove the bed bugs from your home, but it can not be used to kill the bed bugs. So, you can use it to avoid bed bugs spread in your home.
  5. Baking Soda: It is believed that baking soda absorbs the surface fluids on the waxy layer of bed bug’s shell and cause dehydrating them. Additionally, it is also found that baking powder can cut into bed bug’s shell and result in internal bleeding.

The hacks mentioned above are easy and simple to use by an individual. To get an effective and quick solution, feel free to contact us at Bed Bug Services in Hamilton/Niagara Area. We offer 24/7 emergency services and ensure to make your home bed bugs free using reliable and effective treatment.

4 Measures To Follow To Control Bed Bugs in Office

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can infest any property, right from the residential to commercial. Also, their infestation is not limited to beds as they can reside at any surface like walls and furniture. Bed bugs are keen travelers that love to ride on the clothes or luggage of an individual and travel with them everywhere they go. This result in spreading of their infestation to office, parks, hotels and more.

If you suspect a bed bug outbreak in your office, take some preventative measures to control their population until a pest control expert arrives to conduct a heat treatment. Some control measures you should follow are:

  • Dispose of the infected items

    The foremost thing to do is, remove the items you think are infested by these blood sucking pests. Dispose them far away from your property. In the case of washable items, consider laundering them using hot water and detergent. After that, dry them at a high temperature in a cloth dryer.

  • Use an air dryer

    Once you are able to sort out the areas of your office that are infested by the pests, use an air dryer and blow hot air over the place. Bed bugs can’t survive in excess heat, and this is what you can benefit from. Make sure you adjust the dryer temperature at a safe level to prevent fire incidents.

  • Spray chemical products

    Though modern day bed bugs have become resistant to chemicals and pesticides, one can still try using a few of them. When spraying insecticides or chemicals, cover your nose and mouth to prevent inhaling the gases. There are several sprays and liquids available in the market that promise bed bug extermination to a good extent.

  • Fumigation & heat control

    After you are done with all the above given control measures, leave the rest on a licensed exterminator who is trained in dealing with a bed bug outbreak in a professional manner. Experts usually follow customized fumigation or chamber heat treatment method based on the severity of the infestation to kill these unwanted pests and their eggs.

So, these are some precautions and control measures you should follow to get rid of the pesky bed bugs. If you are looking for an expert to deal with the problem, feel free to contact our team at Bed Bug Killers.

How To Find Bed Bugs In Your Premises?

Bed Bugs

In order to confirm your home is bed bugs infested, you have to inspect the pesky pests in your property. First of all, keep one thing in your mind that bed bugs can drive anywhere in your home, be it is your carpet, furniture or pets. But they are often found in beds so that they can bite you easily.

They bite in zigzag series on your arms, shoulder and uncovered body parts which is a significant sign of pest presence. When it comes to finding bed bugs in your home, start the process from your beds and for this follow the below steps:

Guide To Find Bed Bugs

  • Bed bugs are as tiny as a seed of an apple, so it will be challenging to find them. You can use the magnifying glass and flashlight for easy identification.
  • Be careful, pull back the bedding and check the mattress, its edges and air holes. You can turn the mattress on its side or under-side too. The bugs are mostly found closest to the head of your bed. Follow the same process for the box springs.
  • Look closely, there will be dark brown spots that are left by the bed bugs when they feed on your blood. You can also notice the unpleasant odor like a wet towel.
  • These signs are enough to tell that your home is bed bugs infested. Immediately call the professionals to get rid of the bed bugs. Don’t rely on DIY techniques because these pesky pests can be removed effectively with heat treatment.

If you are looking for bed bugs exterminators in Hamilton, contact us at Bed Bug Services. Our knowledgeable approach and eco-friendly solution can help provide an effective and durable solution.

3 Effects Of Bed Bug Infestation On Body & Mind

Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs are no less than a nuisance and are extremely harmful to humans. They feed on their host’s blood and leave behind itchy stings and rashes. Other than physical discomfort, these pests are also responsible for ruining an individual’s peace of mind or mental health. Bed bugs often infest a cluttered property with occupants.

If you think that your office or home is infested with these blood sucking bugs, look for the potential signs of their presence. It is important to get rid of bugs as soon as possible as they pose a threat to physical and mental well being of an individual.

Some health issues you may experience are:

  • Respiratory Issues
    If you are asthmatic or are dealing with other breathing problems, the presence of bed bugs can further deteriorate your condition. They often shed their skin and leave egg particles and waste which mixes up with the air. This combination of waste can interfere with your respiratory tract, thereby causing breathing issues.
  • Allergic Reactions
    Bed bugs feed on human blood, and their bites may lead to rashes, redness and other skin problems. In some cases, an individual may be allergic to bug bites or rashes, which in turn can lead to allergic reactions that may turn out to be life-threatening.
  • Weak Immune System
    Since bugs are generally active at the night and bite when a person is in an inactive state, they may disrupt their sleep. Lack of sleep or deprivation can lead to a weakened immune system that brings an open invitation to several health conditions.

So, these are some common health effects of having bed bugs around you. If you suspect a bed bug infestation around you, feel free to contact our pest exterminators at Bed Bug Killers in Hamilton.

Precautions To Follow Before Bed Bug Treatment

Bed Bug Treatment

Preparing your home before bed beg treatment eliminates the damage to your belonging. By knowing the right precaution, you can even save yourself from the dangerous effects of bed bugs spray such as skin infection, blistering, etc.

Another benefit is, it lowers the time of the pest management company and makes them complete the bed bug removal faster. So, are you ready to prepare your premises for bed bugs treatment? If yes, go ahead.

Tips To Prepare Your Home For Bed Bugs Treatment

  • Don’t move your furniture, carpets or other belongings to another room unless you know these are not infested. If you move infested items in another place, chances are the bed bugs may spread in other areas.
  • If you have air-mattresses, then deflate the bladders. Wash all the bed sheets, pillowcases, blankets and other linens in hot water. After drying, keep them separate until you are sure to have bed bug free place. Make sure to dry them at least for 20 minutes in the dryer on high heat that can kill the bed bugs in all stages.
  • Some certain items that can damage easily with the high temperatures should be given care such as chemicals, wax figurines, candles CDs, oil paintings, flammable products, musical instrument, indoor plants, carbonated beverages and much more.
  • Let the larger electronics like TV and computer be there but make sure to unplug electronics from the outside.
  • Keep your pets and kids outside of the bed bugs infested property to prevent any damage.
  • Food items that can melt at high temperature should also be placed away. Chocolate, solid oils and candy can be kept in the refrigerator. Medication should also be kept safe in your refrigerator during the heat treatment.

Now, your home is ready for the heat treatment to kill and remove the bed bugs. Rest the team of experts at Bed Bug Services will handle efficiently. Feel free to contact us anytime.

5 Most Asked Questions About Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are blood-sucking pests that survive on human blood. They mostly live in a cozy place, be it is your bed, upholstery, carpet, clothes, linens or old furniture. Bed bugs bite cause swelling and itching, and it can also become an infection if you over-scratch.

These tiny pests are smaller than a seed of an apple, but they are dangerous to you and your pets. If you never hear about the bed bugs, here are some commonly asked questions about the bed bugs with their appropriate answer.

  • Where Bed Bugs Come From?
    Usually, the bed bugs get into your home through your clothing or luggage, second-hand furniture and mattress.
  • How I Know, I Have Bed Bugs Infestation?
    They bite in a series on uncovered parts of your body like arms and shoulder. Although they are visible to the naked eye, they leave some signs like blood spots, eggs in bedding and more.
  • How To Prevent Bedbugs Infestation?
    Never buy second-hand furniture, bed sheets or mattresses and when you return your home after a business tour then first inspect the stuff in your suitcase and wash before use.
  • Can I Remove The Bed Bug Infestation On My Own?
    It is quite challenging to get rid of bed bug infestation on your own because they can be removed only with the heat treatment.
  • Should I Hire Professionals If My Home Is Bed Bugs Infested?
    Yes, because professionals have a wide variety of tools and techniques to remove the bed bugs effectively.

So, if your home is bed bug infested or you want to know more about the pesky bed bugs, feel free to contact us at Bed Bug Services in Hamilton, Ontario. We offer 24/7 emergency services to our residential and commercial clients.

Where Do Bed Bugs Live & How They Get Inside Your Home?

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs hitchhike from one to another place quickly. They are often found in cozy places, be it is your home, office or public place. They like to stay hidden in small cracks and crevices nearby the human environment because they survive on humans warm blood this is why these pesky bed bugs are often found in the mattress.

If you are going to inspect your home for bed bugs infestation, then start from the bed and check each corner of your house including curtains, clothes, electrical board, upholstery, furniture, suitcases, carpets, cracks, old furniture, etc.

Where Else Bed Bug Can Be Found?
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Hospitals
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Retail Store
  • Movie Theater
  • Public Transportation
  • And Many More …..

How Bed Bugs Reach Your Home?
  • Through second-hand material
  • Your pets may bring bed bugs into your home
  • When you return home after holidays, the bed bugs may drive with your suitcase.
Tips To Prevent Bed Bugs
  • Whatever you bring in your home make sure to inspect it.
  • Keep your home clean and do vacuum at least once a week.
  • Don’t rely on bed bugs DIY treatment, call the professionals to get rid of bed bugs.

So, when you detect bed bugs in your home or office, contact us at Bed Bug Services. Our bed bugs exterminators in Hamilton use eco-friendly and durable pest removal method and techniques. We offer an effective solution at a reasonable cost and back it up with a guarantee.

How Heat Treatment For Bed Bugs Works?

Bed Bugs

Heat treatment is a chemical-free technique used to remove the bed bugs. Through this process, the temperature of the affected areas is raised to kill the pest. As the pest not only cause property damage but also bites humans and deliver red itchy marks, it is necessary to make your property pest free. The heat treatment is the most effective technology that helps to kill every pest that is hidden in tiny cracks and crevices.

How Heat Treatment Works?

The insects and pests can no longer survive at a temperature of 120 degrees or more. Higher heat in an infested room can kill the bed bugs and their eggs. The timing of maintaining the temperature in affected areas depends on the nature of infestation to ensure all pests are removed.

Some Types Of Heat Treatment
  • Hot Box
    The hot box you can use to place the items you inspected the bed bugs such as bags of clothing, luggage, shoes, blankets, etc. Heat penetrates tiny cracks that are difficult to examine.
  • Steam
    Steam is another method that is also used to kill the bed bugs. But, it works on specific items such as bed frames, box springs, curtains, pillowcase, blankets/sheets and more.
  • Dryer
    Hot soapy water is enough to kill them, but some items that can not be washed with warm water such as the stuffed animals. In such conditions, you can use the clothes dryer to remove the bed bugs.
Why Should You Avoid DIY Heat Treatment?

Performing heat treatment requires training while an individual may get injured doing so. Moreover, your negligence can even damage your products instead of destroying the pest. Considering the unnecessary damages, it is vital to let the professionals perform their duty.

So, feel free to contact us at Bed Bug Services in Greater Hamilton/Niagara Area. Our professional pest removal and control exterminators deal with bed bugs using the advanced methods and techniques including heat treatment. We offer 24/7 emergency services to our residential and commercial clients at a reasonable cost.