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3 Effects Of Bed Bug Infestation On Body & Mind

Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs are no less than a nuisance and are extremely harmful to humans. They feed on their host’s blood and leave behind itchy stings and rashes. Other than physical discomfort, these pests are also responsible for ruining an individual’s peace of mind or mental health. Bed bugs often infest a cluttered property with occupants.

If you think that your office or home is infested with these blood sucking bugs, look for the potential signs of their presence. It is important to get rid of bugs as soon as possible as they pose a threat to physical and mental well being of an individual.

Some health issues you may experience are:

  • Respiratory Issues
    If you are asthmatic or are dealing with other breathing problems, the presence of bed bugs can further deteriorate your condition. They often shed their skin and leave egg particles and waste which mixes up with the air. This combination of waste can interfere with your respiratory tract, thereby causing breathing issues.
  • Allergic Reactions
    Bed bugs feed on human blood, and their bites may lead to rashes, redness and other skin problems. In some cases, an individual may be allergic to bug bites or rashes, which in turn can lead to allergic reactions that may turn out to be life-threatening.
  • Weak Immune System
    Since bugs are generally active at the night and bite when a person is in an inactive state, they may disrupt their sleep. Lack of sleep or deprivation can lead to a weakened immune system that brings an open invitation to several health conditions.

So, these are some common health effects of having bed bugs around you. If you suspect a bed bug infestation around you, feel free to contact our pest exterminators at Bed Bug Killers in Hamilton.

Precautions To Follow Before Bed Bug Treatment

Bed Bug Treatment

Preparing your home before bed beg treatment eliminates the damage to your belonging. By knowing the right precaution, you can even save yourself from the dangerous effects of bed bugs spray such as skin infection, blistering, etc.

Another benefit is, it lowers the time of the pest management company and makes them complete the bed bug removal faster. So, are you ready to prepare your premises for bed bugs treatment? If yes, go ahead.

Tips To Prepare Your Home For Bed Bugs Treatment

  • Don’t move your furniture, carpets or other belongings to another room unless you know these are not infested. If you move infested items in another place, chances are the bed bugs may spread in other areas.
  • If you have air-mattresses, then deflate the bladders. Wash all the bed sheets, pillowcases, blankets and other linens in hot water. After drying, keep them separate until you are sure to have bed bug free place. Make sure to dry them at least for 20 minutes in the dryer on high heat that can kill the bed bugs in all stages.
  • Some certain items that can damage easily with the high temperatures should be given care such as chemicals, wax figurines, candles CDs, oil paintings, flammable products, musical instrument, indoor plants, carbonated beverages and much more.
  • Let the larger electronics like TV and computer be there but make sure to unplug electronics from the outside.
  • Keep your pets and kids outside of the bed bugs infested property to prevent any damage.
  • Food items that can melt at high temperature should also be placed away. Chocolate, solid oils and candy can be kept in the refrigerator. Medication should also be kept safe in your refrigerator during the heat treatment.

Now, your home is ready for the heat treatment to kill and remove the bed bugs. Rest the team of experts at Bed Bug Services will handle efficiently. Feel free to contact us anytime.

5 Most Asked Questions About Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are blood-sucking pests that survive on human blood. They mostly live in a cozy place, be it is your bed, upholstery, carpet, clothes, linens or old furniture. Bed bugs bite cause swelling and itching, and it can also become an infection if you over-scratch.

These tiny pests are smaller than a seed of an apple, but they are dangerous to you and your pets. If you never hear about the bed bugs, here are some commonly asked questions about the bed bugs with their appropriate answer.

  • Where Bed Bugs Come From?
    Usually, the bed bugs get into your home through your clothing or luggage, second-hand furniture and mattress.
  • How I Know, I Have Bed Bugs Infestation?
    They bite in a series on uncovered parts of your body like arms and shoulder. Although they are visible to the naked eye, they leave some signs like blood spots, eggs in bedding and more.
  • How To Prevent Bedbugs Infestation?
    Never buy second-hand furniture, bed sheets or mattresses and when you return your home after a business tour then first inspect the stuff in your suitcase and wash before use.
  • Can I Remove The Bed Bug Infestation On My Own?
    It is quite challenging to get rid of bed bug infestation on your own because they can be removed only with the heat treatment.
  • Should I Hire Professionals If My Home Is Bed Bugs Infested?
    Yes, because professionals have a wide variety of tools and techniques to remove the bed bugs effectively.

So, if your home is bed bug infested or you want to know more about the pesky bed bugs, feel free to contact us at Bed Bug Services in Hamilton, Ontario. We offer 24/7 emergency services to our residential and commercial clients.

Where Do Bed Bugs Live & How They Get Inside Your Home?

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs hitchhike from one to another place quickly. They are often found in cozy places, be it is your home, office or public place. They like to stay hidden in small cracks and crevices nearby the human environment because they survive on humans warm blood this is why these pesky bed bugs are often found in the mattress.

If you are going to inspect your home for bed bugs infestation, then start from the bed and check each corner of your house including curtains, clothes, electrical board, upholstery, furniture, suitcases, carpets, cracks, old furniture, etc.

Where Else Bed Bug Can Be Found?
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Hospitals
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Retail Store
  • Movie Theater
  • Public Transportation
  • And Many More …..

How Bed Bugs Reach Your Home?
  • Through second-hand material
  • Your pets may bring bed bugs into your home
  • When you return home after holidays, the bed bugs may drive with your suitcase.
Tips To Prevent Bed Bugs
  • Whatever you bring in your home make sure to inspect it.
  • Keep your home clean and do vacuum at least once a week.
  • Don’t rely on bed bugs DIY treatment, call the professionals to get rid of bed bugs.

So, when you detect bed bugs in your home or office, contact us at Bed Bug Services. Our bed bugs exterminators in Hamilton use eco-friendly and durable pest removal method and techniques. We offer an effective solution at a reasonable cost and back it up with a guarantee.

How Heat Treatment For Bed Bugs Works?

Bed Bugs

Heat treatment is a chemical-free technique used to remove the bed bugs. Through this process, the temperature of the affected areas is raised to kill the pest. As the pest not only cause property damage but also bites humans and deliver red itchy marks, it is necessary to make your property pest free. The heat treatment is the most effective technology that helps to kill every pest that is hidden in tiny cracks and crevices.

How Heat Treatment Works?

The insects and pests can no longer survive at a temperature of 120 degrees or more. Higher heat in an infested room can kill the bed bugs and their eggs. The timing of maintaining the temperature in affected areas depends on the nature of infestation to ensure all pests are removed.

Some Types Of Heat Treatment
  • Hot Box
    The hot box you can use to place the items you inspected the bed bugs such as bags of clothing, luggage, shoes, blankets, etc. Heat penetrates tiny cracks that are difficult to examine.
  • Steam
    Steam is another method that is also used to kill the bed bugs. But, it works on specific items such as bed frames, box springs, curtains, pillowcase, blankets/sheets and more.
  • Dryer
    Hot soapy water is enough to kill them, but some items that can not be washed with warm water such as the stuffed animals. In such conditions, you can use the clothes dryer to remove the bed bugs.
Why Should You Avoid DIY Heat Treatment?

Performing heat treatment requires training while an individual may get injured doing so. Moreover, your negligence can even damage your products instead of destroying the pest. Considering the unnecessary damages, it is vital to let the professionals perform their duty.

So, feel free to contact us at Bed Bug Services in Greater Hamilton/Niagara Area. Our professional pest removal and control exterminators deal with bed bugs using the advanced methods and techniques including heat treatment. We offer 24/7 emergency services to our residential and commercial clients at a reasonable cost.

5 Bed Bugs Misconceptions Debunked

5 Bed Bugs Misconceptions Debunked

There are several misconceptions about the bed bugs which end up assuming them just a tiny pest. Because they are small in size, it does not mean that they are not dangerous. They are obligatory hematophagous ectoparasites, and it means the bed bugs are the pests that survive on the blood of vertebrates. The pesky pests feed on human warmer blood, and it is clear that they are the trouble maker.

Besides, here are a few common myths about the bedbugs.

  • Appears Only On Beds
    Most of the people think that bed bugs sprawl in or around the bed. But, bed bugs drive in a curtain, woolen fabric, carpet, suitcase, electrical boards, drawers, upholstery furniture, etc. They are mostly found in the mattress so that they can easily bite humans while asleep.
  • Can not Be Seen With Naked Eye
    It is true that adult bed bugs are as small as an apple seed, but it does not mean that you can’t see them with a naked eye. You may need magnification to see their eggs because these are as small as a pinhead. You can quickly detect them by recognizing their noticeable signs.
  • Bedbug Infestation Is Rare
    No, bedbugs infestation is common due to their drive quality. They can sense the danger and immediately drive from one to another place. If you don’t maintain cleanliness, you can notice them in your home or commercial premises.
  • Bite In Night
    Day or night is not a matter for bed bugs to bite you. They stay hidden and come out once in every three to seven days to feed. Generally, they become active between 1 to 5 am. However, it also depends on their hunger.
  • DIY Techniques
    People often use DIY methods to remove them. Perhaps, you may remove the obvious bed bugs, but what about the eggs are hidden somewhere in your home. DIY is not proven for bed bugs heavy infestation.

After knowing the facts mentioned above, you will consider preventing bed bugs infestation. So, when you detect the bed bugs in your home, immediately call Bed Bug Services in Greater Hamilton/Niagara Area. You can rest assured on our professional exterminators to safely remove the bed bugs from your residential or commercial premises.

Smart Tips & Tricks To Deal With Bed Bugs While Traveling

Smart Tips & Tricks To Deal With Bed Bugs While Traveling

Not everyone’s travelling experience is pleasant. There are several people who go on holidays or business tour, but the unfortunate situations give them bed bugs as the companion. Handling bed bugs especially when you are out of your home is one of the dangerous tasks. Bed bugs can not only be found in the hotel room, but these can also be with you in your train or at bus stand from where they drive with you.

Wherever they meet you they will make you suffer from their bite. Hence, here are some tips that can help you to prevent bed bugs during travel.

Tips To Spot Bedbugs

  1. Bedbugs leave the small black or brown stains where they live. If you notice these stains around your hotel room bed, upholstery furniture or linens, there are chances of having bed bugs.
  2. Inspect your bed before going to sleep on it. If there is the existence of 1mm small pale yellow skin eggshells then be careful.

Prevention Tips

  1. When you are traveling, make sure to inspect your train, bus or transporting source. You can cover your suitcase with protective cover duration your tour.
  2. On noticing the bed bugs sign in your hotel room, immediately call the management team for an appropriate solution. You can ask them to provide another room.
  3. When you get other room, make sure to inspect it in front of hotel management. Inspect everything like mattress, carpet, cupboard, furniture, electrical board, etc.
  4. Remember, the bed bugs travel from one to another place. When you reach your home, check your suitcase, do the vacuum cleaning and it will be better if you can do the provide steaming to your luggage.
  5. Wash all of your clothes with hot water whether you wore them or not. Because, the high temperature lowers the risk of bed bugs.

Check out these all tips and make sure to keep the bed bugs away. In case, you notice a sign bed bugs existence with your luggage or at your home, reach Bed Bugs Services. We provide 24/7 customized solution for bed bugs extermination in Hamilton.

Expert’s Easy Tips To Prevent Bed Bug Infestation

Expert's Easy Tips To Prevent Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs are the pesky pests and having many species worldwide. They are the matter to be considered as these are difficult to kill. On the other side, it is really necessary to kill them effectively as they survive on the warmer blood of human beings.

The bed bugs can reach your home when you use old or second-hand furniture, mattress, woolen clothes, etc. Even, it is advised, if you are going to shift your home, you should first inspect it, do the cleaning and then start to live there. Well, below are some tips given by experts to protect yourself and your home from bed bugs.

  1. Replace your mattress: When you feel the existence of pests. Because, bed bugs are not easy to kill using general techniques. If you want to get rid of them effectively then change the mattress as soon as possible. Moreover, it will be better if you keep your mattress covered.
  2. Vacuum regularly: To the upholstery furniture, mattress, clutter or each corner of your home so that you can get rid of them soon. Simultaneously, dispose of the vacuumed material in the plastic bag that should be sealed.
  3. Seal the gaps and cracks: In your apartment sharing common walls with your neighbor. Remember to sweep the door and windows of your home.
  4. Disposing of the clutters: Is another good habit to keep the bed bugs away from your home. Clutters are the favorite place for bed bugs where they live and do their reproduction process.

So, follow these tips and keep your home bedbugs free. Unfortunately, if you detect any bed bug in your home, simply hire the team of professional bed bugs exterminator at Bed Bug Services in Hamilton. Our 24/7 emergency services ensure with a guarantee for bed bugs removal using comprehensive treatments.

5 Tools Necessary To Kill The Bed Bugs From Hidden Crevices

5 Tools Necessary To Kill The Bed Bugs From Hidden Crevices

A process of controlling the bed bug infestation starts with a careful approach which is useful in capturing or squashing them forever. While indulging in this treatment, there is always need to remain attentive with useful tools and check for the hiding places where the bugs likely to hide out. Although, any pest control treatment does not kill the bugs at the first time but can reduce their growth if done repeatedly at regular intervals. In order to handle complete mechanism, you must prefer to hire a pest control extermination service for the best outcomes.

If you want to do bed bug elimination with a DIY method, these equipment are helpful in eliminating their species:

  1. A Torch or Flashlight: Bed bugs are excellent in hiding in dark areas of the home where they are difficult to eliminate. It’s difficult to find out these small creatures as they are very hard to see. While inspecting the bugs, you can use a torch or flashlight which make easy for you to capture the bugs timely.
  2. Hot Water: Hot water is useful in capturing the bed bug species in the most effective manner. You just have to immerse the cloth in hot water and need to soak the surface where the bugs are residing. This technique is useful when there are cluster and group of bed bugs in some kind of crack.
  3. ATM Card: In order to kill bugs, you can choose an option of plastic or ATM card and move it along the crack and crevices of your home walls. Moving the card along these cracks is helpful in pushing the bugs out or easily get captured and killed.
  4. Essential Oils: Some of the essential oils are helpful in killing the bugs that are hidden inside the infested materials. You can place few drops oil in the crevices and cracks which kills the bugs and make them to come outside.
  5. Vacuum: The vacuum cleaner is helpful in reducing the bed bug infestation but not helpful in eliminating them from reinfesting the items again. For this, you need a professional pest control team who help you with an effective heat treatment in your home.

With all these essential tools, begin your bed bug search from today onwards. More the delay you make, more the risky situation you can face. If you want to have convenient bed bug prevention solution, you can hire our expert bed bug exterminators at Bed Bug Services.

How To Know Your Living Space Is Infested With Bed Bugs?

How To Know Your Living Space Is Infested With Bed Bugs?

If you ever found yourself covered with small red bumps and feel itching on wake up, then there are high possibilities you are living with bed bug infestation. Although these small bumps can be captured through many other insects, the most common are the blood-sucking bugs. They usually crawl at nights in the need of sucking human blood and cause extreme discomfort and stress to those who are bitten by them.

Although small red bites may be the first indication that you have bed bug problem, let’s check out the other common infested signs too:

  1. Blood Stains: On waking up, if you notice small blood stains on your pillows, there might be bed bug living in your home. These bugs are good at sucking the blood from the human body and leaves blood spots on the bed sheets and pillowcases.
  2. Musty Smell: If you having bed bug infestation in your home, then you can also experience musty odor which is completely unpleasant. Although there are a number of things that can cause a musty odor if you notice this smell with other such signs of bed bug infestation, must think about a professional exterminator.
  3. Dark Black Spots: Having a dark and rusty spots around your bed surrounding is just another factor that there are some bed bugs living in hidden spaces. If you notice these spots on your bed sheets, clothes, floors and walls of your home, must prefer to hire an instant pest control solution.
  4. Bed Bug Shells: Bed bugs also shed their skins which one can found in the box springs, wood framing, inside the book stand as well as your carpets.
  5. Bed Bug Feces: If you notice a blackish looking trail of fecal specks on your home mattress or bedding, then its time to call a professional pest control team to get rid of them.

Bed bug infestation can happen to anyone and anywhere even after your proper preparation. In order to eliminate these bugs, one must take certain precautions to limit the risk. For convenient bed bug prevention solution, you can hire our exterminators at Bug Bug Killers.