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Bed Bug Dog Detection Service in Greater Hamilton/Niagara Area

Bed Bug Dog Detection Service in Greater Hamilton/Niagara Area

Bed bugs are very small and oval shape insects. They live on the blood of human and animals. They do no fly, but they move very quickly on floor, cracks, crevices, wall and ceilings. These pests are mainly active at night and bite people or animals when they are sleeping.

Bed bugs are a great nuisance, that’s why it is crucial to detect them as soon as possible. Due to its very small size, sometimes it is difficult to find them. Which is why, our professionals use dogs to detect and eliminate bed bugs from your property permanently.

We, at Bed Bug Killers, are the leading pest control company in Hamilton and Niagara Falls. When you call to hire our services, you don’t need to take tension about bed bug infestation. We will ensure to remove these tiny insects and their eggs effectively.

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Signs and Symptoms of Infestation

  • Blood spots on your pillowcases and bed sheet
  • Bed bug egg shells, fecal spots in the areas where they like to hide
  • Dark spots on walls, furniture and mattresses.
  • An offensive and musty odor.
  • Red rashes on your skin
  • Uncomfortable nights
Early Detection with Our Bed Bug Dogs

We, at Bed Bug Killers, are very professional and discreet. We work with different industries such as schools, colleges, universities, hotels, hospitals, care homes and much more. Except commercial customers, we also work with residential clients. We provide the most effective way to catch the problem early. Our highly trained bed bug dogs use their keen sense of smell to detect infestations. They search every room and just take three to four minutes for full inspection.

Area We Serve
  • Milton
  • Ancaster
  • Hamilton
  • Oakville
  • St. Catharine
  • Burlington
  • Welland
  • Brantford
  • Niagara Falls
Enjoy Bed Bug Free Nights with Bed Bug Killers

We, at Bed Bug Killers, just not treat your house for bed bug, in fact, we inspect your entire house after eliminating all the tiny insects to ensure now your home is pest free. Our bed bug dogs are well trained and their handlers are knowledgeable. They are able to provide you peaceful sleep. After treatment, you don’t need to worry about any more bugs in your premises.

What Type of Services You Can Expect?

When you hire our bed bug dogs, you can expect highly trained and professional team. All our professionals are fully trained, licensed and insured to perform the job. When you make a call to us, our representative listens to your problem very carefully and provide you a free consultation. If needed, they book an appointment with our professionals. Our technicians ensure to deliver you 100% effective results. They respect your property and charge you very effective and reasonable price.

For further information regarding our bed bug dog detection service, call us.