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Bed Bugs are unwanted house guests that multiply faster and create a lot of nuisance. They are small insects feeding on human blood. Bed bugs can be easily found around the beds, mattress, furniture, bathrooms, laundry rooms and places where you keep your luggage or shoes. They are generally active at night and suck human blood after piercing the skin.

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Our Tried-&-Tested Bed Bug Removal Methods

A) Mechanical Techniques

  1. Physically –Killing the bugs as soon as you find them is crucial to keep them from reproducing and biting. Make sure you squeeze the bugs with enough pressure to kill them. Use damp cloth to wipe them up from the surface after removal.
  2. Heat – High temperatures work wonders to eliminate all sorts of bed bugs at various life stages – eggs or living bugs. Heat can be applied by different ways:

    • Laundry – Washing items in hot water kills the bugs. The dryer can also be used to treat things such as soft toys, shoes, quilts, bags, even the clothes that do not need to be washed and so on.
    • Steam – Hand-held steamers can effectively kill live bugs and eggs. They are more effective they are manually operated. The hot steam will kill the bugs limiting their infestation.
  3. Cold
    Extreme cold temperatures can also kill the bugs effectively. If you find bug infestation in a certain area, lower the temperature of that area to prevent their infestation.

  4. Vacuuming
    Vacuum cleaners can suck up the bugs off your bed and other infested areas. Make sure to sanitize and empty the vacuum so the bugs don’t crawl back out. However, vacuuming can’t effectively remove the eggs as they are cemented to the surface by the bugs.

B) Insecticides

  1. Residual Insecticides-Residual insecticides are the best alternative to prevent a bed bug infestation from your home. The degree of insecticides used and their impact on the bed bugs play a vital role in controlling bugs. Almost every insecticide kill bugs but only a few render residual property. Controlled pesticides are restricted to a limited number of insured and licensed pest control companies rendering professional solutions for bed bug extermination.
  2. Contact Insecticides-Contact insecticides contain isopropyl alcohol and are generally available as spray formulations. They need to be applied directly on the bugs. However, sometimes they are not much effective as the bugs that couldn’t be sprayed on directly will survive the extermination process.
  3. Fumigation-Fumigation is an expensive and dangerous procedure. Undoubtedly, it is the most effective way to eliminate bugs but there are several disadvantages of this process too.
  4. Diatomaceous Earth Treatment-Diatomaceous earth treatment work wonders for removing bugs from wall baseboards. This natural silica product cause them to dehydrate and preventing their infestation. They are effective and help controlling any future infestations.


Never ever put gasoline or any other flammable substance on your bed in order to remove the bugs. You might end up burning your home or causing serious damage. Do not put any harmful insecticides around your bed without prior consultation of the bug removal experts. Elements like ‘Raid’ are highly toxic and can be applied and handled only by experts.

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