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Effective Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs in Hamilton

Dorm Room Heat

If you think that you are suffering from a bed bug problem in your home or office, you must immediately take action to resolve it. Bed bugs reproduce very quickly and unfortunately the longer you wait to eradicate them, the more they will grow in population.

Bed bugs have become resistant to insecticide making alternative treatments the right method to eliminate their infestation. Chemical treatments to remove bed bugs are not as effective as heat treatments. Bed Bug Services offer bed bugs heat treatment Burlington, Hamilton & St. Catharines, also known as Thermal Remediation. Once our professionals identify a bed bug problem, we start our heat treatment process.

Living Room Heat

Bed Bug Services have electric bed bug heaters that are placed in the area which is infected. The temperature of the room is then increased to 135°F. This is an ideal temperature needed to kill bed bugs. Some thermal bed bug extermination companies set their temperature at 200 degrees. That level is not really needed to kill these pests and can melt and ruin household items.

Our team monitors on location to ensure that high temperatures are reached without damaging the area and its contents. Then, we use fans to circulate the heated air throughout the room to reach all bed bugs, wherever they are hiding.

After our bed bug heat treatment is completed, we will inspect the area once again to make sure all pests have been killed and your surroundings are pest-free! Don’t let bed bugs infest your home or office. Contact Bed Bug Services today to schedule your heat treatment.g

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Why Choose Heat Treatment?

  • Bed bugs – at every stage of life – are killed when exposed to the requisite thermal zone
  • Bed bugs have become resistant to the chemical treatments used for their extermination
  • Heat treatment offers complete bed bug elimination from your entire home or office
  • Bed bugs heat treatment is cost-effective and safe for you, your family and your home
  • No harmful pesticides in your home or around your children and pets

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