Preparing your home before bed beg treatment eliminates the damage to your belonging. By knowing the right precaution, you can even save yourself from the dangerous effects of bed bugs spray such as skin infection, blistering, etc. Another benefit is, it lowers the time of the pest management company and makes them complete the bed […]

Bed bugs are blood-sucking pests that survive on human blood. They mostly live in a cozy place, be it is your bed, upholstery, carpet, clothes, linens or old furniture. Bed bugs bite cause swelling and itching, and it can also become an infection if you over-scratch. These tiny pests are smaller than a seed of […]

Bed bugs hitchhike from one to another place quickly. They are often found in cozy places, be it is your home, office or public place. They like to stay hidden in small cracks and crevices nearby the human environment because they survive on humans warm blood this is why these pesky bed bugs are often […]

Heat treatment is a chemical-free technique used to remove the bed bugs. Through this process, the temperature of the affected areas is raised to kill the pest. As the pest not only cause property damage but also bites humans and deliver red itchy marks, it is necessary to make your property pest free. The heat […]

There are several misconceptions about the bed bugs which end up assuming them just a tiny pest. Because they are small in size, it does not mean that they are not dangerous. They are obligatory hematophagous ectoparasites, and it means the bed bugs are the pests that survive on the blood of vertebrates. The pesky […]

Not everyone’s travelling experience is pleasant. There are several people who go on holidays or business tour, but the unfortunate situations give them bed bugs as the companion. Handling bed bugs especially when you are out of your home is one of the dangerous tasks. Bed bugs can not only be found in the hotel […]

Bed bugs are the pesky pests and having many species worldwide. They are the matter to be considered as these are difficult to kill. On the other side, it is really necessary to kill them effectively as they survive on the warmer blood of human beings. The bed bugs can reach your home when you […]

A process of controlling the bed bug infestation starts with a careful approach which is useful in capturing or squashing them forever. While indulging in this treatment, there is always need to remain attentive with useful tools and check for the hiding places where the bugs likely to hide out. Although, any pest control treatment […]

If you ever found yourself covered with small red bumps and feel itching on wake up, then there are high possibilities you are living with bed bug infestation. Although these small bumps can be captured through many other insects, the most common are the blood-sucking bugs. They usually crawl at nights in the need of […]

Indoors, a bed bug is the king of your primarily fabrics, luggage, furniture and the big part of your wall cracks. These are those pesky creatures that fit themselves almost anywhere in household items. In order to accomplish their hunger, they come out in the nights in search of human blood and get disappeared quickly. […]