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Don’t Let Bed Bugs Ruin Your Vacations

Bed bug exterminator Hamilton

The holidays are here! Some of you must be planning to visit your grandmother or to some exotic locations which may include hotel stays in unfamiliar surroundings. Bed bug exterminator Hamilton offers some helpful and effective information to protect yourselves from these pesky pests during your vacations.

What are bed bugs and what do they look like?

Bed bugs are small parasites that generally feed on human blood. They are considered as classic travelers. They are tiny, brown and wingless insects that can be found anywhere, be it your home, office, hotel, clothing, seats of airplanes and trains. At night, they feed on our blood and since these attacks are painless, you don’t detect them until a skin rash appears.

How to protect yourself?

When you check in a hotel room or after your guests have left your home, you can check the rooms for bed bug infestation.

  1. Pull pillows and bed sheets and carefully check the area for any reddish-brown or black spots on the sheets near the bed’s headboard. You may not see the actual bugs but will surely spot the traces of the bed bugs if they have invaded your place.
  2. Carefully check the spots on mattresses, pillows, headboards and walls.
  3. Look for these insects and black spots inside the dresser drawers.
  4. Contact Bed Bug Killers immediately if you’ve found any potential signs of bed bug infestation during your inspection.

If you think that you were in a room with bed bugs, here are the things you need to do when you return home

  1. Keep all the things of your travel bag in an isolated place such as your garage.
  2. Put your clothes and other items that can resist the heat into your dryer for about 20 minutes – the heat will eliminate bed bugs.
  3. After heating the items thoroughly, wash as normal.
  4. Before you store your luggage, make sure to check it carefully. Vacuum out luggage and clean the exterior surface.

Make sure to keep all these things in mind while traveling or getting back to your home. Bed bugs are a great nuisance and you need to take immediate action to prevent them from your space. If you find the traces of bed bug infestation, it is advised to contact a professional bed bug extermination service in Hamilton. At Bed Bug Killers, our professionals provide effective and durable bed bug extermination solutions. We won’t let these pesky pests ruin your vacation, trust us.