Most Effective Bed Bug Treatment – Heat Treatment VS Spraying

Most Effective Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs are such resilient, pervasive pests that require professional treatment for eliminating the infestation. Imagine, getting into a house infested with bedbugs that won’t let you sleep peacefully. It becomes imminent to take some immediate action to fix the issue. The good thing is – that there are various treatments and methods that you can perform to get rid of them permanently. You can either go for DIY treatment or seek professional help to eliminate the bedbugs. The two main methods are heat treatment and conventional spray. Heat treatment is one of the most effective ways to kill bugs and pests. Spraying on the other hand is a more convenient way to get rid of bed bugs. Let’s find out more about both these treatments in great detail!

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

What is Bed Bug Heat Treatment?

Bed bug heat treatment is the process of eliminating bed bugs by using heat. It involves raising the temperature in your home to kill the bed bugs. The pest control professional will place heaters throughout your home and increase the temperature to over 45°C or 113°F. Every inch of your home must reach this temperature, such as furniture, walls, and clothing. The temperature must be maintained for a minimum of five hours to remove them permanently.


What is Bed Bug Spraying?

Under this method, the chemical spray is sprayed in and around the infested area. Spraying is a conventional way to get rid of bed bugs. It is also effective particularly when the infestation is limited to a few places. This treatment includes spraying upon bed frames, furniture, gaps in baseboards, and vacuuming bed bug eggs.




What are the pros and cons of heat treatment and spraying?

Both the treatments are safe and effective. Their effectiveness largely depends on things like how severe bed bug infestation is. For large infestations, heat treatments are best whereas, for low-level infestations, spraying can be the right choice. Homeowners usually prefer the traditional spray method as it is cost-effective but it may not always be the right option particularly when you are dealing with a more severe problem.

What are the Pros of Heat Treatment?

  • Heat Treatment eliminates bed bug infestation from all corners of the house completely.
  • Heat Treatment is safe and effective.
  • It is a proven method to eliminate bed bug infestation.
  • The heat kills bed bugs in all life stage
  • No chemicals are used in this treatment, so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals or their side effects.

What are the Pros of Spraying?

  • It’s best for the initial stages of infestations and in limited areas of the house.
  • Spraying is highly cost-effective.
    It is quick and easy.
  • Spraying is also a proven method to eliminate bed bugs and pests in your house.
  • You can either hire a professional or do it on your own.

Cons of Heat Treatment:

  • Heat treatments cost slightly more than traditional methods.
  • It takes a little longer time than spraying. You have to stay away from the room or the area for some time.
  • Heat treatment is not preferred if bed bugs infestation is limited to smaller areas such as your bed or corners.

Cons of Spraying:

  • Although the process is safe, the chemicals used may be harmful sometimes.
  • Over time, bed bugs develop resistance against sprays so they re-emerge after some time.
  • Spraying has good results only for smaller infestations. For full-blown bed bugs, heat treatment can be a good choice.

Which is the most effective treatment?

Heat Treatment is the best way to get rid of bed bugs. With total thermal eradication, all sorts of pests and bed bugs are eradicated. Bed bugs are killed within a few seconds once the temperature is around 45°C+. The heat produced does not leave any passage for the bugs to escape to other parts of the room or hide. This type of treatment can infiltrate deep areas such as furnishings, doors, beds, stored items, carpets, baseboards, frames, and others. Spraying is also a good option but it is limited to smaller infestations. On the other hand, heat treatment treats the bed bug infestations completely.

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