How To Find Bed Bugs In Your Premises?

Bed Bugs

In order to confirm your home is bed bugs infested, you have to inspect the pesky pests in your property. First of all, keep one thing in your mind that bed bugs can drive anywhere in your home, be it is your carpet, furniture or pets. But they are often found in beds so that they can bite you easily.

They bite in zigzag series on your arms, shoulder and uncovered body parts which is a significant sign of pest presence. When it comes to finding bed bugs in your home, start the process from your beds and for this follow the below steps:

Guide To Find Bed Bugs

  • Bed bugs are as tiny as a seed of an apple, so it will be challenging to find them. You can use the magnifying glass and flashlight for easy identification.
  • Be careful, pull back the bedding and check the mattress, its edges and air holes. You can turn the mattress on its side or under-side too. The bugs are mostly found closest to the head of your bed. Follow the same process for the box springs.
  • Look closely, there will be dark brown spots that are left by the bed bugs when they feed on your blood. You can also notice the unpleasant odor like a wet towel.
  • These signs are enough to tell that your home is bed bugs infested. Immediately call the professionals to get rid of the bed bugs. Don’t rely on DIY techniques because these pesky pests can be removed effectively with heat treatment.

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