4 Measures To Follow To Control Bed Bugs in Office

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can infest any property, right from the residential to commercial. Also, their infestation is not limited to beds as they can reside at any surface like walls and furniture. Bed bugs are keen travelers that love to ride on the clothes or luggage of an individual and travel with them everywhere they go. This result in spreading of their infestation to office, parks, hotels and more.

If you suspect a bed bug outbreak in your office, take some preventative measures to control their population until a pest control expert arrives to conduct a heat treatment. Some control measures you should follow are:

  • Dispose of the infected items

    The foremost thing to do is, remove the items you think are infested by these blood sucking pests. Dispose them far away from your property. In the case of washable items, consider laundering them using hot water and detergent. After that, dry them at a high temperature in a cloth dryer.

  • Use an air dryer

    Once you are able to sort out the areas of your office that are infested by the pests, use an air dryer and blow hot air over the place. Bed bugs can’t survive in excess heat, and this is what you can benefit from. Make sure you adjust the dryer temperature at a safe level to prevent fire incidents.

  • Spray chemical products

    Though modern day bed bugs have become resistant to chemicals and pesticides, one can still try using a few of them. When spraying insecticides or chemicals, cover your nose and mouth to prevent inhaling the gases. There are several sprays and liquids available in the market that promise bed bug extermination to a good extent.

  • Fumigation & heat control

    After you are done with all the above given control measures, leave the rest on a licensed exterminator who is trained in dealing with a bed bug outbreak in a professional manner. Experts usually follow customized fumigation or chamber heat treatment method based on the severity of the infestation to kill these unwanted pests and their eggs.

So, these are some precautions and control measures you should follow to get rid of the pesky bed bugs. If you are looking for an expert to deal with the problem, feel free to contact our team at Bed Bug Killers.