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5 Bed Bugs Misconceptions Debunked

5 Bed Bugs Misconceptions Debunked

There are several misconceptions about the bed bugs which end up assuming them just a tiny pest. Because they are small in size, it does not mean that they are not dangerous. They are obligatory hematophagous ectoparasites, and it means the bed bugs are the pests that survive on the blood of vertebrates. The pesky pests feed on human warmer blood, and it is clear that they are the trouble maker.

Besides, here are a few common myths about the bedbugs.

  • Appears Only On Beds
    Most of the people think that bed bugs sprawl in or around the bed. But, bed bugs drive in a curtain, woolen fabric, carpet, suitcase, electrical boards, drawers, upholstery furniture, etc. They are mostly found in the mattress so that they can easily bite humans while asleep.
  • Can not Be Seen With Naked Eye
    It is true that adult bed bugs are as small as an apple seed, but it does not mean that you can’t see them with a naked eye. You may need magnification to see their eggs because these are as small as a pinhead. You can quickly detect them by recognizing their noticeable signs.
  • Bedbug Infestation Is Rare
    No, bedbugs infestation is common due to their drive quality. They can sense the danger and immediately drive from one to another place. If you don’t maintain cleanliness, you can notice them in your home or commercial premises.
  • Bite In Night
    Day or night is not a matter for bed bugs to bite you. They stay hidden and come out once in every three to seven days to feed. Generally, they become active between 1 to 5 am. However, it also depends on their hunger.
  • DIY Techniques
    People often use DIY methods to remove them. Perhaps, you may remove the obvious bed bugs, but what about the eggs are hidden somewhere in your home. DIY is not proven for bed bugs heavy infestation.

After knowing the facts mentioned above, you will consider preventing bed bugs infestation. So, when you detect the bed bugs in your home, immediately call Bed Bug Services in Greater Hamilton/Niagara Area. You can rest assured on our professional exterminators to safely remove the bed bugs from your residential or commercial premises.

5 Tools Necessary To Kill The Bed Bugs From Hidden Crevices

5 Tools Necessary To Kill The Bed Bugs From Hidden Crevices

A process of controlling the bed bug infestation starts with a careful approach which is useful in capturing or squashing them forever. While indulging in this treatment, there is always need to remain attentive with useful tools and check for the hiding places where the bugs likely to hide out. Although, any pest control treatment does not kill the bugs at the first time but can reduce their growth if done repeatedly at regular intervals. In order to handle complete mechanism, you must prefer to hire a pest control extermination service for the best outcomes.

If you want to do bed bug elimination with a DIY method, these equipment are helpful in eliminating their species:

  1. A Torch or Flashlight: Bed bugs are excellent in hiding in dark areas of the home where they are difficult to eliminate. It’s difficult to find out these small creatures as they are very hard to see. While inspecting the bugs, you can use a torch or flashlight which make easy for you to capture the bugs timely.
  2. Hot Water: Hot water is useful in capturing the bed bug species in the most effective manner. You just have to immerse the cloth in hot water and need to soak the surface where the bugs are residing. This technique is useful when there are cluster and group of bed bugs in some kind of crack.
  3. ATM Card: In order to kill bugs, you can choose an option of plastic or ATM card and move it along the crack and crevices of your home walls. Moving the card along these cracks is helpful in pushing the bugs out or easily get captured and killed.
  4. Essential Oils: Some of the essential oils are helpful in killing the bugs that are hidden inside the infested materials. You can place few drops oil in the crevices and cracks which kills the bugs and make them to come outside.
  5. Vacuum: The vacuum cleaner is helpful in reducing the bed bug infestation but not helpful in eliminating them from reinfesting the items again. For this, you need a professional pest control team who help you with an effective heat treatment in your home.

With all these essential tools, begin your bed bug search from today onwards. More the delay you make, more the risky situation you can face. If you want to have convenient bed bug prevention solution, you can hire our expert bed bug exterminators at Bed Bug Services.

How To Know Your Living Space Is Infested With Bed Bugs?

How To Know Your Living Space Is Infested With Bed Bugs?

If you ever found yourself covered with small red bumps and feel itching on wake up, then there are high possibilities you are living with bed bug infestation. Although these small bumps can be captured through many other insects, the most common are the blood-sucking bugs. They usually crawl at nights in the need of sucking human blood and cause extreme discomfort and stress to those who are bitten by them.

Although small red bites may be the first indication that you have bed bug problem, let’s check out the other common infested signs too:

  1. Blood Stains: On waking up, if you notice small blood stains on your pillows, there might be bed bug living in your home. These bugs are good at sucking the blood from the human body and leaves blood spots on the bed sheets and pillowcases.
  2. Musty Smell: If you having bed bug infestation in your home, then you can also experience musty odor which is completely unpleasant. Although there are a number of things that can cause a musty odor if you notice this smell with other such signs of bed bug infestation, must think about a professional exterminator.
  3. Dark Black Spots: Having a dark and rusty spots around your bed surrounding is just another factor that there are some bed bugs living in hidden spaces. If you notice these spots on your bed sheets, clothes, floors and walls of your home, must prefer to hire an instant pest control solution.
  4. Bed Bug Shells: Bed bugs also shed their skins which one can found in the box springs, wood framing, inside the book stand as well as your carpets.
  5. Bed Bug Feces: If you notice a blackish looking trail of fecal specks on your home mattress or bedding, then its time to call a professional pest control team to get rid of them.

Bed bug infestation can happen to anyone and anywhere even after your proper preparation. In order to eliminate these bugs, one must take certain precautions to limit the risk. For convenient bed bug prevention solution, you can hire our exterminators at Bug Bug Killers.

5 Popular Household Items: A Perfect Hiding Place For Bed Bugs

5 Popular Household Items: A Perfect Hiding Place For Bed Bugs

Indoors, a bed bug is the king of your primarily fabrics, luggage, furniture and the big part of your wall cracks. These are those pesky creatures that fit themselves almost anywhere in household items. In order to accomplish their hunger, they come out in the nights in search of human blood and get disappeared quickly. In this mission, our household items play a great role by becoming a great shelter space for these annoying crawlers.

You must inspect these few household items on daily basis to eliminate the growth of bed bugs:

  1. Beds: Bed bugs always try to live close to their food source and bed box and bed frames are the best place to escape. By hiding at one of this place, a bug can easily attack the human and can easily suck the blood. One must look for the bed bug infestation and control it with one of the preventive measures.
  2. Couches: A Couch is the most relaxing area where one gets easily asleep while watching TV. At the same time, this one is also a perfect hiding place for bed bugs to easily attack the human body and feed on the blood.
  3. Wall Ceilings: A walls ceilings those having cracks and crevices become a tempting place for the bugs. When there is severe bed bug infestation, these crawling bugs spread out from the bed boxes and get them hide in the cracks.
  4. Clothes: During winters, bugs love to live in the warm spaces like wardrobes of your homes. They even attack the clothes by leaving big holes behind them. If you find bugs crawling on your clothes, must look for a pest control option on an instant basis.
  5. Baseboards: A baseboard and your carpet edges are just another hiding spot for these small sized creatures where they hide in the holes of the furniture.

It’s important for the homeowners to control the bed bugs with a hand-in-hand job to prevent certain home damages. To handle these disturbing pests, one can hire a professional exterminator at Bed Bug Killers.

Is Canine Bed Bug Detection Is Useful? 4 Mindful Reasons To Know

Is Canine Bed Bug Detection Is Useful? 4 Mindful Reasons To Know

When it comes to preventing bed bugs from homes, every single person looks for the solution that gives immediate results. Bed Bugs are that kind of nightmares who offer health risks through their bites and make the person to lose his precious sleep. There are a number of treatments to deal with bed bugs among which the canine Bed bug inspection is also used for most of the cases. This treatment is helpful in eliminating the live bugs as well their eggs from every infected room. Moreover, canine bed bug detection is totally time-consuming and successful treatment in which the specially trained bed bug detection canines find bugs from the entire spaces.

If you are dealing with bed bug infestation issue in your home, then know about various reasons to go with the canine bed bug treatment:

  1. Offers Faster Inspection: Canine bed bug treatment is a fast and effective method for the inspection. In this treatment, trained dogs do a deep search in the entire home building to search the bugs. It is a kind of visual inspection which covers in some fraction of the time and offers homeowners a big peace of mind.
  2. Cost-Effective Solution: This treatment gives quick and accurate results which lower down the cost of severe treatments. When someone does early treatment from these bed bugs, it eliminates the severe infestation and saves your a lot of money.
  3. Accurate solution for all stages: The canines are professionally trained who have the ability to identify all kind of live bed bugs that are rendering in a home. One can choose this option in order to detect all stages of live bed bugs.
  4. Offers A Big Relief: These properly trained & certified canines are helpful in inspecting each room with minimal disruption and do not create any kind of mesh around your home. It also reduces your big efforts as they have a strong scent detection which helpful in pulling your carpets, removing baseboards and an easy move of furniture.

The canine bed bug treatment is not only good for the homes, but for the hotels too. So, being a homeowner you can go for this treatment to maintain your property. If you are looking for most effective treatment, then can choose our bed bug exterminators at Bed Bug Killers.

6 Things Not To Do While Facing A Bed Bug Attack

6 Things Not To Do While Facing A Bed Bug Attack

Getting rid of a bed bug infestation is a big deal. These pesky insects are quite difficult to eliminate and can greatly deteriorate the comfort of a family. If you are waking up with rashes all over your body, then you might be facing a bed bug attack. Instead of panicking, it’s advised to take necessary precautions against these blood sucking creatures.

By calling skilled bed bug exterminators, one can effectively remove the existing bugs and their eggs to prevent the risks of any future outbreak. Most of the homeowners believe that they can eliminate these pesky pests with some DIY measures but actually, end up deteriorating the infestation further. To stay on a safer side, here are some things which should be avoided while facing a bed bug attack.

  1. Avoid using insecticides or pesticides as they can greatly harm the health of a family. Moreover, bed bugs are resistant to such sprays. Outdoor pest control chemicals should never be tried indoors as they are really poisonous to humans.
  2. Sprinkling any other item such as alcohol or some flammable material should be avoided at all. Though heat is effective in killing bed bugs, using flammable products is not at all a good idea as they can lead to a fire hazard.
  3. When it comes to bed bugs, using bug bombs is just a wastage of time and money. The reason behind this is these blood suckers hide at deep spots that are not at all accessible by bombs.
  4. There is no need to throw off your old furniture and belongings. Some people believe that by throwing away the infected items they can get rid of bed bugs. Doing this is completely useless as these pests are everywhere inside your home.
  5. Don’t try to shift your bed to some other corner of the home to get rid of bed bug bites during the night. By doing this, you are actually transferring the infestation to the entire home.
  6. Bed bug treatments are not at all a DIY job and should be carried only by pest control experts. Only experts can deliver effective and long term bed bug removal services.

These are some of the things that should not be done while facing a bed bug invasion inside your property. If you are looking for a reliable bed bug control company for bed bug treatment, feel free to consult our pest exterminators at Bed Bug Killers.

5 Things That Make Bed Bugs Difficult to Eliminate

What Causes Bed Bugs Infestation? Explained by experts.

With many pest species getting scarce, the population of beneficial pests have declined globally. In contrast, the bugs that are harmful to humans are increasing drastically. One of such pests is bed bugs. Most of us might get a phobia just by hearing the name of bed bug infestation. Every year, thousands of home and business owners fall victim to these unwanted blood suckers that feed on human blood.

Bed bugs are nuisance pests that are responsible for causing stress and inconvenience. They bite humans during the night, especially when they are asleep. Their bites often result in rashes and allergies that can deteriorate the peace of mind and comfort of homeowners. Since these bugs are very small, they are quite difficult to eliminate. One may need to call professional bed bug exterminators to get rid of these harmful insects.

Few things that makes it difficult to remove bed bug population from your home are::

  1. These bugs are never present in a small count of one, two or three. If your property has been invaded by bed bugs, then surely they will be in hundreds and thousands or even uncountable number. A female bed bug can lay up to 2-3 eggs in a day and near around 500 in her lifetime. This means that every infestation doubles in size every 13 days. This makes it really difficult to eliminate each and every bug.
  2. Most of the bed bugs have developed a resistance against certain pesticides. This means that they don’t get affected by chemicals and pesticides. This is the reason why they are still alive and moving even when you sprinkled a plenty of insecticides over them.
  3. Since they are very small in size, these bugs can easily hide in the tiniest wall cracks and crevices. This makes it difficult to find and kill them.
  4. Normal heat and hot water wash cycles are ineffective on these pests, since they have adapted their bodies to survive a temperature that is as low as 4°F and high as 118°F. Throwing away your belongings is not an effective solution to get rid of bugs. Instead, call in professionals to eliminate these pesky pests by following heat treatment method.
  5. Bed bugs can survive for almost 3 months without feeding on human blood. This means even if your leave your home alone for months to deter away these pests, they’ll still stay inside your mattresses waiting for you to come from vacation.
  6. Bed bugs can survive for almost 3 months without feeding on human blood. This means even if your leave your home alone for months to deter away these pests, they’ll still stay inside your mattresses waiting for you to come from vacation.

These are some things that makes it difficult to get rid of bed bug infestation inside your property. If you have tried each and every technique to remove these pests but to no effect, feel free to call in our bed bug control experts at Bed Bug Killers.

4 Reasons To Consider Heat Treatment For Bed Bug Control

4 Reasons To Consider Heat Treatment For Bed Bug Control

Is your home infected with bed bugs? Have you tried almost everything to eliminate them, but are still in vain? Since these blood suckers are stubborn insects that can hide anywhere, they manage to save themselves from the effects of chemical treatment. Moreover, bed bug extermination is not that easy as these pests have adopted themselves to survive in inadequate conditions and temperature. Of all the methods used for eliminating bugs, heat treatment is considered best, due to its effective and long term results.

Some of the reasons to choose heat treatment are:

  1. Effective: Since most of the methods used to prevent bed bugs consists of chemical usage, they pose dangers to humans and animals too. Moreover, they are only effective in killing the living bugs and fail to destroy their eggs and larva. With heat treatment, a professional can kill both the pests and their eggs. This is greatly effective in preventing the risks of future infestation.
  2. Fast: When it comes to long term bed bug removal in the shortest possible time, nothing can beat heat treatment. Though chemical methods take less time, the results they offer are not worthy and neither do they offer permanent bed bug removal. By practicing the heat treatment method, one can easily get rid of bugs for a long term that too without any follow ups.
  3. Convenient: Compared to all other methods, heat treatment is considered the most convenient option as it involve no hassles. When the treatment is being done, one need not have to leave his premises as it doesn’t pose any harmful effects to health. Since it offers permanent solution, cost involved in periodic treatment can be prevented.
  4. Safe: Chemical treatments and use of pesticides for killing bed bugs can pose health risk to a family. As they are very toxic in nature, avoid using them for extermination purposes. In contrast, heat treatment doesn’t involve use of pesticides and therefore, is considered safe for a family.

These are the few benefits offered by heat treatment in bed bug extermination. If you have tried each and every method, but still didn’t receive expected results, our pest control professionals at Bed Bug Killers can assist you.

Some Weird & Lesser Known Facts About Bed Bugs

Some Weird & Lesser Known Facts About Bed Bugs

No one wants to get bitten by a bed bug. These blood sucking pests are dangerous for humans, since they are responsible for causing skin infections and rashes. They feed on human blood and usually bite a person when he/she is slept. Their bite leads to itches, bumps, rashes and discomfort. Though bed bugs are tiny, they are hard to get rid off. There are a lot of facts about these pesky pests that you may not be aware of.

Some of the weird and wacky bed bug facts are:

  1. They can live anywhere: While most of the people think that bed bugs invade only cluttered spaces, they don’t realize that they are completely wrong. The truth is that these blood suckers can reach everywhere, may it be your home, office or a hotel. Moreover, they are not just found on beds and sofas, but can actually climb walls and hide in cracks and crevices.
  2. They aren’t just city dwellers: There is a popular belief that bed bugs invade only urban areas. Though it is not true, there is coincidence that urban properties suffer more from these pests due to larger population and apartment styled living. But, the recent surveys have proved that it doesn’t matter you are residing in a rural or urban location, you can fall victim to a bed bug bite.
  3. They are strong & tough: Since these pests can live for several months without feeding, they are considered hardy. This means they can stay in a property for months that isn’t accommodated by humans. Moreover, bed bugs can survive easily in extreme cold temperatures. This is the only reason why they can’t be removed with DIY measures.
  4. Bed bugs are smart: As a survival instinct, bed bugs are mysterious. They know how to survive when an extermination treatment is being carried out. They usually hide in mattresses, crevices, boxes, switches, picture frames etc. during the daytime. During night, they get alerted by carbon dioxide exhaled by humans that tempts them to come out of their hiding spots.

If you are facing a bed bug infestation, don’t opt to treat it yourself. Call in pest control experts in Hamilton for long term pest removal.

Is Your Home Infested By Bed Bugs? Check Out The Possible Signs For The Same!

Is Your Home Infested By Bed Bugs? Check Out The Possible Signs For The Same!

Bed bugs are such tiny organisms which make life a living hell for the home owners. Don’t go on their size as they are very much capable of making your life stressful. When any kind of skin allergy occurs in your body, the questions start arousing about its birth.

You might have no idea that bed bugs might be the reason behind this. However, not only one factor can account for their infestation. So, we have compiled some factors which will surely prove their infestation in your home.

Possible Signs For Bed Bug Infestation

  • Rashes/Bites
    Rashes or bites are not very uncommon and can form due to a number of reasons. However, If you consistently notice bite-like bumps and rashes first thing in the morning, it is a clear indication that bed bugs are the reason behind this. They hide under the mattresses and attack the exposed areas of the body at night.
  • Blood stains
    Bed bugs love to feed on human blood and if you have them in your home, you are likely to get small blood stains on your sheets or the cover of your willows. As said earlier, they can be the possible reason for it but not the prime one as you can get blood stains from other things too!
  • Dark Spots
    If you find dark or rusty spots on your sheets, pillow covers, mattress, clothes, floor and walls, chances are that bed bugs are present in your home. Bed bugs like to make their home around these only as they feed on your blood at night. These dark spots are their fecal matter formed out of your blood only!
  • Musty Odor
    Due to scent glands present in bed bugs, they release a musty odor which is not very pleasant to breathe in. Many people would argue having numerous reasons for a musty odor. This is pretty much true but if you find the other factors too with them, your house will be infested by bed bugs for sure.
  • Mattress Seams
    One of the best ways to look for bed bugs is by visually inspecting the outside seam of your mattress. It is one of the best hiding places for a bed bug to carry out the infestation. Frayed seams or bite marks are an indication that bed bugs are residing there.

Got Bed Bugs?
If all the above factors confirm the bed bug infestation, you need not worry at all as Bed Bug Killers is there to help you out. We are an experienced pest control company in Greater Hamilton/Niagara Area. We will help you in getting rid of these bugs in no time at the most budget friendly prices. Call us to know more about our services!