Going On Winter Vacations? Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs Home From Hotel

 Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs Home From Hotel

Winter is finally here. It is time to enjoy winter vacations & Christmas with your family, friends and loved one. Around this time you might be thinking about the holidays. If you are planning to spend vacations out of town with your friends, you have probably considered what you are going to pack.

If you are going on a trip, bed bugs may be one of the last things on your mind. These tiny insects are a big problem and you can find them easily at different places, especially in public places. Even they can be found in hotels. Once your house has become infested, these small insects can cost thousands of dollars to exterminate. Because bed bugs have been discovered everywhere, it is a good idea for everyone to take them seriously. Because some insect repellents do not affect these itchy pests. Knowing how to avoid them at your hotel can save you a lot of expenses and troubles.

  1. Pack your luggage properly: One of the best ways to protect your clothes from bed bugs is packing all of your garments in sealed plastic bags. It will make hard for bed bugs to access your clothes. Keeping your attires packed in plastic bags will ensure that itchy pests will not be able to reach your attires while they are present in the room.
  2. Check the hotel room for signs of bugs: When you check into the hotel, first of all inspects your room for signs of bugs. Look at the spaces around the mattresses, take the bed sheet off the mattress and also check the box springs and pillows. Bed bugs can hide during the day and active late at night. If you see any sign of the presence of these tiny pests, talk to the customer service representative of the hotel.
  3. Store your luggage safely: Once you have confirmed your room is a bed bug free, you can store your luggage without a worry on a luggage rack or in almirah. But if you have any doubt, don’t leave your clothes, purse and other things the floor or furniture. Keep all bags closed when not in use.
  4. Look before you repack: So now you are ready to go back home and you have taken all the necessary prevention steps to avoid bed bugs during your stay. Before leaving when you pack clothes and other belongings, make sure you double check bags and clothes for signs of bed bugs.

After coming back from your trip, it is a good idea to wash all your clothes and dry them on a hot setting. If you have got bed bugs, drying clothes on a high temperature can increase the chances of success in getting rid of these itchy pests. If you are unable to remove them, call us at Bed Bug Services in Hamilton.