How Can I Tell If Its A Bed Bug Rash? Guide to Identify Bed Bugs in your Room

Imagine waking up in the morning with red marks on your left arm only to realize this could be the sign of something far worse than mosquitoes – signs of a bed bug infestation.

Pest control service is the most adequate way to determine whether or not bed bugs have conquered your home. Detecting a bed bug infestation on your own can be very difficult. You are most likely to search for insects, find nothing, and then assume you don’t have a problem. Bed bugs are experts when it comes to finding places to hide in, so unless you are a professional, you probably won’t be coming face-to-face with these little monsters while walking around your house.

Although a bed bug rash is one definite symptom that you have a possible infestation of blood sucking pests, it is also crucial that you do not assume just any sort of rash on your body as an evidence of an infestation.

Okay so, what exactly does a bed bug rash look like?

The frequently affected areas with a bed bug rash include the neck, face, arms and legs – in other words, the areas of the body which were left uncovered in the night. While some lucky people may not even display any symptoms after being bitten by these vampire pests, other less fortunate ones may suffer a severe reaction which would need urgent medical attention. The bites may appear in one day or take as much as several days after the initial bite to make an appearance. Here’s how they look:

1. The bites are clustered on your face, neck, arm and legs.

2. The bites are red, usually the center of a bed bug bite is a darker shade of red.

3. The bites are swollen

4. They itch constantly

5. The bites vary in shapes and sizes

6. The bites are unpredictable. They come and go.

While a bed bug rash might resemble a mosquito bite, its clustered nature is a clear indication that you are suffering from a bed bug problem.

How should I treat a bed bug rash?

In most cases, no medical assistance is necessary – unless an infection sets in and antibiotics are required. The itchiness can be relieved using creams like hydro cortisone or possibly taking oral antihistamines. The bites will disappear over time provided of course that Bed Bug Exterminators Hamilton have been called over in your house.

An infestation may cause other health issues such as anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia. Bed bugs can effect someone’s life far greater than just giving them a rash. It is important to call pest control service immediately, request an inspection, and have the professionals perform a bed bug treatment.

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