Is Your Home Infested By Bed Bugs? Check Out The Possible Signs For The Same!

Is Your Home Infested By Bed Bugs? Check Out The Possible Signs For The Same!

Bed bugs are such tiny organisms which make life a living hell for the home owners. Don’t go on their size as they are very much capable of making your life stressful. When any kind of skin allergy occurs in your body, the questions start arousing about its birth.

You might have no idea that bed bugs might be the reason behind this. However, not only one factor can account for their infestation. So, we have compiled some factors which will surely prove their infestation in your home.

Possible Signs For Bed Bug Infestation

  • Rashes/Bites
    Rashes or bites are not very uncommon and can form due to a number of reasons. However, If you consistently notice bite-like bumps and rashes first thing in the morning, it is a clear indication that bed bugs are the reason behind this. They hide under the mattresses and attack the exposed areas of the body at night.
  • Blood stains
    Bed bugs love to feed on human blood and if you have them in your home, you are likely to get small blood stains on your sheets or the cover of your willows. As said earlier, they can be the possible reason for it but not the prime one as you can get blood stains from other things too!
  • Dark Spots
    If you find dark or rusty spots on your sheets, pillow covers, mattress, clothes, floor and walls, chances are that bed bugs are present in your home. Bed bugs like to make their home around these only as they feed on your blood at night. These dark spots are their fecal matter formed out of your blood only!
  • Musty Odor
    Due to scent glands present in bed bugs, they release a musty odor which is not very pleasant to breathe in. Many people would argue having numerous reasons for a musty odor. This is pretty much true but if you find the other factors too with them, your house will be infested by bed bugs for sure.
  • Mattress Seams
    One of the best ways to look for bed bugs is by visually inspecting the outside seam of your mattress. It is one of the best hiding places for a bed bug to carry out the infestation. Frayed seams or bite marks are an indication that bed bugs are residing there.

Got Bed Bugs?
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