7 Common Bed Bug Myths

7 Common Bed Bug Myths

While there is a huge amount of correct information available on the internet about bed bugs, there is also nearly an equal amount of false or incorrect information.

Our bed bug exterminator Hamilton wants to be sure you have access to an accurate and dependable information about bed bugs. Let’s have a look at some common bed bug misconceptions many people seem to have fallen for:

Myth #1 Bed bugs are only found in beds

Even though their name has ‘bed’ in it, these bugs can be found almost anywhere in your home. They are commonly found in: beds, furniture, carpet, behind pictures and molding, chairs and couches.

Myth#2 Bed bugs are only found in dirty, unhygienic places

Many people believe that bed bugs can only be found in filthy and unclean conditions. False! Bed bugs have been found residing in some of the world class hotels and homes. These pests will reside anywhere they can feed and hide out. This includes your home, office, other people’s homes, condos, hotels, etc.

Myth #3 Bed bugs are nocturnal

While certainly bed bugs are more active after midnight, these pests will easily adapt. Means, if you sleep during the day time, bed bugs will change their schedule to feed on their food source.

Myth #4 I would know the presence of bed bugs

Not all people react to the bed bug bites. Bites don’t hurt when they take place, so people often don’t realize they are being bitten.   Some bed bug infestations leave traces, others do not.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine whether or not you have bed bugs infestation. These pests are great at hiding and the only way to be sure is to perform a thorough inspection. For this, you will need to hire bed bug exterminator Hamilton.

Myth #5 Bed bugs are microscopic

Adult Bed bugs are about 4-5mm long – about the size of an apple seed. From egg, larvae to adult stage, they are easily visible to the naked eye.

Myth #6 Bed bugs can be killed using over-the-counter pesticides

Although a chemical application maybe required to eliminate bed bug infestation, a pesticide alone isn’t enough to get the job done. Bed bugs heat treatment Hamilton is one of the safest and effective ways to kill bed bugs.

Myth #7 We call kill bed bugs by starving them

Unfortunately, that doesn’t generally work. Bed bugs can live up to 70 days without feeding on human blood and if you use this strategy you would have to stay out of your home for more than 2 months. When uninhabited by humans, unwanted guests such as mice, squirrels, birds will often move into your home. There is no way to find out if bugs are starving or not, making this strategy ineffective and inconvenient, both.

Think you got bugs? Trust your local Bed Bug Services. We use heat treatments to effectively kill bed bugs in all their life stages. Contact our bed bug exterminator Hamilton today.