Heat Treatment??? Why it is the most effective method for bed bug extermination?

Why it is the most effective method for bed bug extermination?

Bed bugs are everywhere. Whether you are in a 5-star hotel, apartments, hospital, furniture store, private home or even in a cruise ship. It won’t take much time to a minor bed bug infestation to turn into a nightmarish scenario. Bed bugs feed on human blood and are generally active at night. Many people rely on pesticides and other chemicals to prevent them from the home or commercial property. These pesticides may eradicate bed bugs, but that would not be permanent. Moreover, extensive use of the pesticides and chemicals can be harmful for you and the environment.

According to various bed bug exterminators Hamilton, bed bug heat treatment is the most effective, eco-friendly and convenient method to kill bed bugs and their eggs. These days, more and more pest control companies Hamilton are switching towards bed bug heat treatment to exterminate bed bugs forever. Bed bug heat treatment is recommended because:

Heat treatment is effective

Most bed bug extermination services in Hamilton rely on chemicals to kill the bed bugs. However, these methods are effective but, they are capable of killing the live bugs only and couldn’t destroy the eggs. Thus, the eggs develop there and become the reason of re-infestation, requiring more treatments to eradicate them completely. Heat treatment can kill both the adults and the eggs, leaving no chances of future infestation. This treatment penetrates walls, beddings, furniture and every hidden area to exterminate the bugs once and for all.

Heat treatment is fast

Heat treatment delivers fast and effective results in a single treatment. Depending on the severity of infestation and the area, a heat treatment can take up to 8 hours to completely prevent the bugs. Although chemical treatments can complete the task in lesser time, but they require follow up treatments.

Heat treatment is convenient

It is the most convenient and safe treatments of all. You can continue with your household activities while the professionals eradicate the bed bugs from your home. This treatment doesn’t require much preparation since you don’t have to move any furniture or any other item.

Heat treatment is safe for your family and your belongings

Traditional chemical treatments and pesticides consists of toxic substance that is not only harmful to bedbugs but also for the humans and animals. On the contrary, heat treatment is extremely safe for you, your family, pets and belongings.

At Bed Bug Killers, our professionals utilize heat treatment to eradicate the bed bugs from your residential or commercial property. We are highly qualified and skilled to prevent these pests in a timely and professional manner.

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