How Heat Treatment For Bed Bugs Works?

Bed Bugs

Heat treatment is a chemical-free technique used to remove the bed bugs. Through this process, the temperature of the affected areas is raised to kill the pest. As the pest not only cause property damage but also bites humans and deliver red itchy marks, it is necessary to make your property pest free. The heat treatment is the most effective technology that helps to kill every pest that is hidden in tiny cracks and crevices.

How Heat Treatment Works?

The insects and pests can no longer survive at a temperature of 120 degrees or more. Higher heat in an infested room can kill the bed bugs and their eggs. The timing of maintaining the temperature in affected areas depends on the nature of infestation to ensure all pests are removed.

Some Types Of Heat Treatment
  • Hot Box
    The hot box you can use to place the items you inspected the bed bugs such as bags of clothing, luggage, shoes, blankets, etc. Heat penetrates tiny cracks that are difficult to examine.
  • Steam
    Steam is another method that is also used to kill the bed bugs. But, it works on specific items such as bed frames, box springs, curtains, pillowcase, blankets/sheets and more.
  • Dryer
    Hot soapy water is enough to kill them, but some items that can not be washed with warm water such as the stuffed animals. In such conditions, you can use the clothes dryer to remove the bed bugs.
Why Should You Avoid DIY Heat Treatment?

Performing heat treatment requires training while an individual may get injured doing so. Moreover, your negligence can even damage your products instead of destroying the pest. Considering the unnecessary damages, it is vital to let the professionals perform their duty.

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